Activities and Issues at NTF:


Securing our border is very important to protect our families, our way of life, and our Constitution. Our NTF rally with Liberty Ladies-Omaha, Our Vote Should Count, and Tea Party Patriots-NE was a huge success. 162 conservatives rallied at the State Capitol to voice our objection to the influx of illegal aliens in NE and […] Read more »

Urge Your Congressman and Senators

Urge your congressman and senators to press forward on the following congressional reforms: Congressmen must purchase their own retirement plans, like the rest of us. Congressmen no longer can vote themselves a pay raise. Their pay increases by the lower of the CPI or 3% annually. Congress loses its current cushy health care system and […] Read more »

NTF Holds Candidate Workshop

Current office holders, aspiring office holders, and many others who are interested in Nebraska politics gathered on March 8, 2014. The morning session addressed precinct level political activities while the afternoon session dealt with use of social media as an element of today’s political campaign strategies. Five current political notables presented in panel discussion mode […] Read more »

NTF Hosted American Majority's "Winning Strategies" Workshop on 2-22-14

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Nebraska Conservative Coalition Network

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom is proud to be a member organization in the Nebraska Conservative Coalition Network.  This roundtable includes several conservative and tea party groups around the state that jointly work on one project each year.  This year, member groups are concentrating on identifying, recruiting, organizing campaigns for, and providing volunteers to help elect conservative candidates […] Read more »