City Watch


Metropolitan area citizens face concerns about public safety, public works infrastructure maintenance, privatization of services, consolidation, merging and streamlining of city government, taxes, and unnecessary spending on services traditionally outside the scope of city responsibility. We encourage you to participate in our NTF City Watch Project, to call, fax, email, or write a letter to your city council members to urge them to vote fiscally conservative and implement ideas to give the citizens more efficient services under a leaner budget. Project participants will receive periodic newsletters, email bulletins, and research outlines and materials to act as watchdogs.

Issue Papers etc:


NTF Issue Paper: ccwatch133.doc. 10-13. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: REFORM PUBLIC SECTOR UNION WAGES AND BENEFITS.  BACKGROUND.  The cost to taxpayers from public sector wages and benefits, which in Nebraska and other states greatly exceeds what comparable employees earn in the private sector, combined with billions in unfunded pension liabilities for retirees, threaten Read more »


NTF Issue paper: ccwatch134.doc.  10-13. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: REFORM THE CITY OF OMAHA PENSION SYSTEM.  BACKGROUND.  Omaha like many other cities has underfunded public sector pensions.  City union employees enjoy retirement benefits several times higher than those of comparable private company employees, placing great strain on our city budget.  Without substantial reform, Read more »

NTF Analysis of City of Omaha FY 2013-14 Budget.

Ccwatch130.  8-13. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM WORKSHEET: PRESENTATION ON CITY OF OMAHA FY 2013-2014 BUDGET, AUG. 13, 2013.   Good evening.  My name is Doug Kagan, and I represent NE Taxpayers for Freedom. This budget restores fiscal sanity to the City of Omaha, lean but not mean.   It closes a $20 million budget gap left by Read more »


NTF Issue Paper: ccwatch76.doc.  6-13.  NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: REFORM CITY RETIREE HEALTH BENEFIT STRUCTURE.  BACKGROUND.  The City of Omaha faced a $21 million budget deficit in 2011, so the city administration siphoned the Cash Reserve Fund to help fill the gap.  The city depends on sales tax revenues for over 43% of Read more »

This Could Happen to Us...

Omaha suffers from constantly rising labor costs.  We take on more than we ever should.  These things have consequences.  Take it from Bob Deis, City Manager, Stockton, California, as he writes “A Message From the City That Went Bankrupt” for the Wall Street Journal. If we do not contain costs and battle union demands for Read more »


Omaha has suffered a downgrade of its bond rating due to problems with underfunded pensions for city workers.  The current unfunded pension liability is $794 million, mostly from the police and fire pension systems.  The downgrade could lead to higher borrowing costs for the city. How can the mayor and our city council even consider Read more »

Omaha Transportation Plan

NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: CITY OF OMAHA TRANSPORTATION PLAN IS BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT. BACKGROUND. The proposed city transportation plan is a prime example of local government intrusion into private business and private property rights. It seeks to micromanage the community and coerce human behavior by advocating principles declaring that government knows what is Read more »

No Omaha Police Auditor

NTF Issue Paper: CCWatch16.doc  10-11.  NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: NO NEED FOR AN OMAHA POLICE DEPARTMENT AUDITOR. BACKGROUND.  Once again, leftwing elements in the Omaha metropolitan community have called for a police department auditing system to oversee and investigate complaints of alleged police misconduct.  The latest episode involves the arrest of a man Read more »

Opportunities for Watchdogs

NTF members made excellent presentations at the City of Omaha public budget hearing.  However, we need more NTF members to volunteer to watchdog local taxing authorities at public budget hearings. Remember the saying, “A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves?”  Only 3 taxpayers attended the 8-11 Papio-Mo. River NRD board meeting to offer Read more »