Congress Watch



Nebraska representatives and senators in Washington, D.C. continually debate and vote on bills and resolutions pertaining to many issues of importance to fiscal conservatives.  The Congressional Quarterly,  newspapers, periodicals, and Internet websites record the votes of these elected officials.  We believe our membership and the public are entitled to examine these voting records, in order to form educated opinions about their Capitol Hill representatives.  Too many reps and senators go to great lengths to hide their voting records from their constituents by making excuses and shading the truth about their positions on legislation.  These officials rely on their constituents not discovering roll call votes and their consequences.  Our project instructs our members how to monitor voting records and lobby their Capitol Hill officials.


Diligently keep current on congressman positions and votes.
Note positions and votes especially on current, controversial issues.
Use these positions and votes as a basis upon which to write your opinion/criticism to your rep or senator or to request clarification or additional information from him.
Thank officeholders for their efforts and conservative votes.
Read periodic bulletins sent to NTF by the National Taxpayers Union, based in Washington, D.C. These bulletins, plus bulletins that we download from the Internet and our own research, annotate important bills and resolutions currently pending in the House and Senate.
Use “How to Write Your Congressman” and other NTF outlines to lobby your senators and representatives.



Ashfordb1.doc. 9-14. A worksheet by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom If you like high taxes, runaway spending, and lots of strangling government regulations, then Brad Ashford is your candidate for Congress. If you think illegal aliens have a right to crowd our schools, burden our welfare system, take our jobs, murder our fellow Nebraskans, and continue […] Read more »

Urge Your Congressman and Senators

Urge your congressman and senators to press forward on the following congressional reforms: Congressmen must purchase their own retirement plans, like the rest of us. Congressmen no longer can vote themselves a pay raise. Their pay increases by the lower of the CPI or 3% annually. Congress loses its current cushy health care system and […] Read more »


NTF Issue Paper: cong113.doc.  1-14. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE A BAD IDEA. BACKGROUND.  Leftist Sen. Tom Harkin (IA.) in his S. 460 bill proposes to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 from $7.25 per hour, the wage since 2009.  The Democrat Party platform supports this or a similar plan, […] Read more »

And you thought Canada was more progressive?

Do you think other nations don’t watch the US?  I shudder to think what our enemies think of us.  Pretty soon the interest payments on our national debt will fund the entire Chinese military.  Well, don’t take my word for it.  Watch this video of Pierre Poilievre, a Member of Parliament for Nepean-Carleton, Canada, as […] Read more »


NTF Issue Paper: balancedbudget2.doc.  8-11. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: PASS THE BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT. BACKGROUND.  In 1995, a Balanced Budget Amendment passed the House but failed to pass in the Senate by 1 vote.  The U.S. national debt has reached over a massive $14.3 trillion, and our national deficit teeters at $1.65 trillion.  […] Read more »

Support Veterans' Benefits for Business Startups

Contact your congressman to support Cong. Fortenberry's legislation to allow veterans to cash in their educational benefits for funds to start up small businesses, as many returning soldiers would rather use skills already learned than attend college. Only a third of vets use their benefits to attend college. This legislation will spur job creation and […] Read more »

Oppose Tax on Employer-based Benefits

Contact your congressman today to oppose the Obama effort to tax employer-based health benefits. Employer-based plans bring help to many employees during health crises, and this system has worked effectively for a long time for American workers. This Obama ruse seeks to push workers into ObamaCare. Call Cong. Lee Terry at 402-397-9944, Cong. Jeff Fortenberry […] Read more »