Nebraska Legislative Watch



NTF believes that the people of Nebraska have a right to know how their state legislators vote on important legislative issues that have an impact on the fiscal health of taxpayers, government intervention in private life and business, and law and order.  This project affords Nebraskans a broad and deep analysis of how their state senators vote on current, crucial issues.  Members lobby and carefully monitor votes and voting patterns of state senators.  NTF annually publishes a Legislative Voting Record incorporating annotations of bills and resolutions monitored, a grid graph illustrating actual votes, and a percentage voting score for every state senator.  We distribute copies to NTF members and the media.


  • Study the enclosed multi-page Legislative Watch packet.
  • Gather the tools/supplies you will need to proceed as mentioned in outline.
  • To proceed conscientiously, continually consult media, legislative, and NTF sources that show progress of legislation.
  • If you have questions, call (402) 551-0921.
  • Furnish your work to NTF by August 1 following end of legislative session:
  1. Numbers, titles, and sponsor(s) of bills you monitored.
  2. Copies of your notes.
  3. Copies of correspondence with your state senator.
  4. Copies of your notes pertaining to state senator discussions during committee hearings and floor debate.
  5. Copies of news clippings and other background material regarding your bills and resolutions.

Read our NTF Legislative Voting Record published annually.
Make copies and distribute generously to friends and neighbors.

The following is contact information for Nebraska legislators:

WATERMEIER, Dan, 1 402-471-2733
KINTNER, Bill,2, 402-471-2613
GARRETT, Tom,3, 402-471-2627
PIRSCH, Pete,4, 402-471-2621
MELLO, Heath, 5, 402-471-2710
NELSON, John, 6, 402-471-2714
NORDQUIST, Jeremy, 7, 402-471-2721
HARR, Burke, 8, 402-471-2722
HOWARD, Sara, 9, 402-471-2723
KRIST, Bob, 10,
CHAMBERS, Ernie, 11, 402-471-2612
LATHROP, Steve, 12, 402-471-2623
COOK, Tanya, 13, 402-471-2727
SMITH, Jim, 14, 402-471-2730
JANSSEN, Charlie, 15, 402-471-2625
BRASCH, Lydia, 16, 402-471-2728
BLOOMFIELD, Dave, 17, 402-471-2716
LAUTENBAUGH, Scott, 18, 402-471-2618
SCHEER, Jim, 19, 402-471-2929
ASHFORD, Brad, 20, 402-471-2622
HAAR, Ken, 21, 402-471-2673
SCHUMACHER, Paul, 22, 402-471-2715
JOHNSON, Jerry, 23, 402-471-2719
ADAMS, Greg, 24, 402-471-2756
CAMPBELL, Kathy, 25, 402-471-2731
MCGILL, Amanda, 26, 402-471-2610
COASH, Colby, 27, 402-471-2632
AVERY, Bill, 28, 402-471-2633
BOLZ, Kate, 29, 402-471-2734
WALLMAN, Norman, 30, 402-471-2620
KOLOWSKI, Rick, 31, 402-471-2327
KARPISEK, Russ, 32, 402-471-2711
SEILER, Les, 33, 402-471-2712
DUBAS, Annette, 34, 402-471-2630
GLOOR, Mike, 35, 402-471-2617
WIGHTMAN, John, 36, 402-471-2642
HADLEY, Galen, 37, 402-471-2726
CARLSON, Tom, 38, 402-471-2732
McCOY, Beau, 39, 402-471-2885
LARSON, Tyson, 40, 402-471-2801
SULLIVAN, Kate, 41, 402-471-2631
HANSEN, Tom, 42, 402-471-2729
CHRISTENSEN, Mark, 44, 402-471-2805
CRAWFORD, Sue, 45, 402-471-2615
CONRAD, Danielle, 46, 402-471-2720Â
SCHILZ, Ken, 47, 402-471-2616
HARMS, John, 48, 402-471-2802
MURANTE, John, 49, 402-471-2725

Here are issues in the Nebraska Legislature that NTF is watching:


NTF Issue Paper: energy8.doc. 10-14. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: THE PROBLEM. Australia repealed its carbon tax that harmed consumers by raising electricity costs, damaging the economy, cutting manufacturing jobs, and reducing competitiveness. Its carbon tax caused over $15 billion in economic mayhem in its first 2 yrs. of implementation. The Australian prime minister […] Read more »


NTF Issue Paper: Taxplan24.doc. 9-14. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: BACKGROUND. Retired citizens in Nebraska, especially those living on fixed incomes, find that taxes consume an increasing part of their household budgets, persuading many to move to other states having lower taxes. Kiplinger’s Magazine developed a retiree tax map to show the total tax […] Read more »


NTF Issue Paper: Taxplan18. 9-14. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: BACKGROUND. Businesses, too, need tax relief. Besides corporation income taxes, they pay payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, worker compensation taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, insurance taxes, import duties of $18 million annually, fuel taxes, and utility taxes. Nebraska business taxes discourage business expansion and […] Read more »

Minimum Wage = Maximum Damage

NTF Issue Paper: minimumwage1.doc. 7-14. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: THE CASE AGAINST RAISING THE STATE MINIMUM WAGE. BACKGROUND. The current minimum wage in Nebraska is $7.25 per hour, matching the federal minimum wage. Our low state unemployment rate means that few employees for long earn the minimum wage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics […] Read more »


NTF issue paper: gunrights7.doc. 5-14. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: CASTLE DOCTRINE NEEDED IN NEBRASKA. BACKGROUND. The Castle Doctrine derives from an old principle in English common law that an individual home is a castle. If attacked, no requirement to retreat. Recall the common phrase, “a man’s home is his castle.” The State of […] Read more »


NTF worksheet: legwatch127.doc. 4-14. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM WORKSHEET: 2014 UNICAMERAL LEGISLATURE INTERIM RESOLUTIONS. GOOD RESOLUTIONS: LR 520: Davis. To study expense problems for law enforcement in western NE since Colorado legalized sale and recreational use of marijuana. LR 534: Mello. To examine how patent trolls and their greedy attorneys try to shake down NE […] Read more »

LB 1058 Weakens NE Influence in Presidential Elections

NTF worksheet: legwatch 125.doc. 3-14. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM WORKSHEET: STOP THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE BILL (LB 1058) IN THE LEGISLATURE. BACKGROUND. Certainly no Nebraska voter would want California or New York to select our next President despite our wishes. However, the National Popular Vote (NPV) compact would force state electors to pledge to cast […] Read more »


 NTF Issue Paper: illegal100.doc. 2-14. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: E-VERIFY IS GOOD FOR NEBRASKA BUSINESS. BACKGROUND. Recognizing that congressional legislation eventually will make the use of E-Verify mandatory in all states, many employers now are beginning to use this system voluntarily in order to become accustomed to its provisions. Under Senate legislation, companies […] Read more »


NTF Issue Paper: legwatch118.doc. 1-14. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: ALTERNATIVES TO LB 887, THE NEBRASKA OBAMACARE BILL. BACKGROUND. Liberal state senators, led by Sen. Kathy Campbell, have introduced LB 887, the Wellness in NE (WIN) Act bill. This bill seeks to improve the health of and coverage for uninsured Nebraskans, reduce the per […] Read more »


NTF issue paper: taxplan20.doc.  10-13. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: REPEAL INCOME TAX ON NEBRASKA RETIREMENT INCOME.  BACKGROUND.  Nebraska retirees find themselves at a financial disadvantage compared to retirees in other states.   Facing continuing high property taxes, their savings suffer further losses from taxation on retirement income.  Older Nebraskans face state income taxes on […] Read more »


NTF Issue paper: legwatch113.doc.  3-13. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: STOP MEDICAID EXPANSION IN NEBRASKA. BACKGROUND.  Liberal state senators have introduced several Medicaid expansion bills in the 2013 legislative session.  Their purpose is to either impose ObamaCare offerings on Nebraska or to simply expand Medicaid to include more people, making more citizens dependent upon […] Read more »

Unicameral Voting Records 2012

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom has produced its annual report on the conservative voting of members of the Nebraska Unicameral during the 2012 session.  NTF rates senators based on their fiscal responsibility, intervention into the private lives of Nebraska citizens, and their positions on legislation dealing with law and order.   NTF rates state senators based […] Read more »

Lobbying Against Taxpayers in the Legislature: 2012

NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: BACKGROUND. Numerous lobbyists seek to persuade our state senators to vote a particular way or support or oppose a specific cause. However, the large number of lobbyists who lobby on behalf of liberal groups and state/local taxing authorities explains much of the reason why state senators have not offered […] Read more »

Reform the CIR

This issue currently is before the Nebraska Legislature.  Encourage your state senator to support the amendment supported by Governor Heineman and business leaders. Read more »

Here are relevant historical issues:

Contract with Nebraska Taxpayers
Hogs at the Trough-State Senator Subsidies
Scrutinize State Investments
Nebraska Vehicle Taxes
Senators who increased our state gas tax